Oil and Gas Technologies
(Tekhnologii nefti i gaza)

Scientific and Technological Journal


International Centre of Science & Technologies (ICST) ЂTUMA Groupї LLC

ISSN 1815-2600

Scientific and Technological Journal "Oil and Gas Technologies" is a successor of the journal "Science and Technology of Hydrocarbons", which has been published since 1998.

Petroleum and gas industries take up the leading position in a world fuel and energy complex. Development of the industries above undergoes significant changes. Alongside with the state ones, the vertically-integrated companies participate in their management. As a rule, the latter close on themselves the entire frame beginning, from geological research up to sales of commodity products. An important role is given to introduction of new modern technologies.

Thereupon, the content of the scientific and technical information grows. A set of domestic and foreign proposals comes in the Russian market. However, as a rule, search of partners and optimal offers as well as acceptance of the best decisions are complicated by virtue of complexity, lack or absence of information interchange between suppliers and consumers of scientific, technical, and intellectual production, impossibility of wide discussion and an exchange of views on concrete problems.
At the state-of-the-art in science and engineering, further development in many respects depends on creative dialogue of scientists and factory personnel all over the world. Against all the odds, many latest developments and breakthrough in the industry are not properly covered, and simply remain unnoticed in a lot of cases.

A scientific and technical journal УOil and Gas TechnologiesФ is called to fill this gap. The priority in the journal is given to advanced scientific development and forward-looking research, new technologies, discussion of experience of operating enterprises, the problem and debatable materials concerning for the most part with evolution in the oil-and-gas industry. It would be desirable to emphasize that the journal is devoted not only to the problems of hydrocarbon chemical transformations but also physics of the phenomena, equipment for technological processes, methods of analysis and many other problems of hydrocarbon systems.

Alongside with those above, problems of inorganic chemistry, socially important problems, and allied industry abstract scientific and applied research to be of interest for scientific community and industrial personnel will be discussed. Into the aim of the journal enters not only simple granting the information, but an attempt to comprehend the suggested solutions, reveal new and advanced projects, organize professional dialogue of experts, and advertise the latest developments as well.

Though there are a lot of journals of oil-and-gas description deficiency of operative scientific dialogue on the problems concerned with the oil-and-gas industry is being felt. The volume of available scientific and technical periodicals and scientific editions is evidently insufficient to publish in proper time the latest information on industrial problems, scientific research, design development, and problems of educational methodology. The objective information channel in the field of special equipment for the enterprises providing the industry with various instruments, analyzers, and safety devices is torn off.

Thus, supposed is consideration of business information in the field of oil-and-gas industry in a total of fundamental problems of development of the world oil-and-gas complex, organizational and managerial, financial and economic, and other related problems included questions, the business. We carry on the regular analysis of the state-of-art and development prospect in the Russian and global fuel and energy complex. The journal will promote the integrated solution policy definition based on interaction of various groups of researchers for creation of complex technologies, which would be as close as possible to social needs and specific targets.

Published materials are meant for the broad audience of readers and are open for discussion within the framework of problems under consideration. A scientific journal assumes a constant search. We hope this journal will enrich you with new professional experience, present friends and colleagues, will give an impulse to new achievements in science and engineering.

Good luck all! Happy destiny at a long road of knowledge!
Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Boris P. Tumanyan