Theoretical and Applied Problems of Agro-industry

(Teoreticheskie i prikladnye problemy agropromyshlennogo kompleksa)

Interdisciplinary scientific and technological and information-analytical journal


International Centre of Science & Technologies (ICST) TUMA Group LLC

ISSN 2221-7312

The journal aims to keep the inseparable interrelation of science, education and practice of agro-industry sectors. The priority is given to the materials about the promising scientific developments and researches, new technologies, the problematic and controversial articles about the agro-industry evolution. The journal is devoted to the issues related to agronomy, ecology, biology, animal science, veterinary science, ichthyology, biochemistry, microbiology, and many other areas of agribusiness.

Attention is paid to the high-tech and fundamental issues of sustainable agricultural development, including scientific and technological, organizational, management, finance, to the problem of environmental safety and other related issues.

The journal publishes the analytical reviews of current state and prospects of the domestic and international agribusiness development, the results of the most recent research in this area, and the scientific opinions of specialists in different branches of agro-industry.